Antique Art Deco Lamps – The Esteem Of Antique Art Deco Lamps

Antique Art Deco Lamps

Antique Art Deco Lamps

Antique Art Deco lamps make a beautiful addition to any room. Art Deco lamps will easily blend in with any type of home furniture, and often become the focal point of a room as they radiate their own unique charm and charisma.

The Art Deco time period dates generally from the early 1920s to 1940, but the earliest items date back to 1903.

One prominent forerunner of this style was Josef Hoffmann of Vienna. The Wiener Werkstatte was a workshop that produced some of the earliest Art Deco designs, founded by Hoffman in 1903. The predecessor to Art Deco was called Art Nouveau, which dated from around 1890 to 1905.

Back then, the style was not known as Art Deco at all. Instead it was referred to as Modernistic or Art Moderne, and later it also became known as Skyscraper Modern or Jazz Pattern. The actual phrase Art Deco came into being in 1960.

Antique Art Deco lamps use lots of lavish ornaments, consist of geometric shapes, with patterned motif images. In antique art deco table lamps the stem of the lamp is often in the shape of a human figure that holds the glass bowl. Wherever figurines are not part of the stem, they are often freestanding on the base of the lamp. The figures usually depict thin women with short hairstyles, and this is a notable difference to the previous art form called Art Nouveau, where the style often included voluptuous female bodies with long flowing hair and ivy leaves everywhere. Overall, the Art Deco style is best described as modern, elegant, glamorous, and functional

Many people design entire rooms in the Art Deco style, and generally speaking it is not very difficult to do. Make use of bold colours throughout. Rugs and wallpaper with Art Deco themes are readily available, and these usually have a geometric pattern. Objects which are overall tall and thin will fit very nicely into this design. Art Deco lamps will usually be the focal point of such rooms.

There are even examples of entire buildings that were built in the Deco style. One building which is referred to as a masterpiece in this style is the Chrysler Building in New York City. Yes, an entire skyscraper built in Art Deco style, and was at one time the tallest building in the world. Another famous building, the Radio City Music Hall in New York City, had the entire auditorium built and decorated in this style. In fact, in the early twentieth century, this Art Deco style was incorporated into nearly everything that people could think of.

The materials that were used to make the lamps were bronze, brass, coloured glass, and various others. The lamp bases could be anything including bronze, brass, chrome, alabaster, and coral. The motifs are generally thin standing female figures, kneeling women, Egyptian motifs (the discovery of the tomb of King Tutankhamun in 1922 had a bearing in Art Deco also), nymphs, animals and airplanes.

From an antiquing point of view, most of the so called antique Art Deco lamps are not true antiques yet. They are less than one hundred years old. Instead they should properly be referred to as vintage. In antique terminology the word vintage normally refers to items that are over fifty years of age, and the word antique refers to items that are over one hundred years of age..

Antique Art Deco lamps have a huge following in the antiques field, mainly because of this vintage status. They will very soon be true antiques. Their value is fairly high, most small and medium lamps are valued starting around two hundred dollars, and the prices of the larger and more elaborate items rises to several thousand dollars. So they are seen as an excellent investment within antiquing, and are widely sought after.

Generally speaking, when it comes to identifying individual pieces, it is considered easier than in other areas of antiquing such as furniture or china. Comparatively speaking, it is easier to become an expert in this field than in any other field of antiques, as the overall amount of knowledge that you need is less. There are many great reference books on the subject, and it should be fairly easy to locate and acquire one.

If you do develop a passion for this style, then you should research it as much as possible. There are tons of articles and research material freely available on the internet, just go to your favourite search engine and type in the phrase antique Art Deco lamps to get started. Your local library will surely have some great reference books on the subject also.

Reproductions of these items are very common, as many of the original antique Art Deco lamps have been copied by modern manufactures. The value of the reproduction items is considerable less than that of the originals. The quality of many of the copies is excellent, and this causes problems for some people when trying to identify them. If you are thinking of buying an Art Deco lamp, always try to deal with a professional, or else do lots of research and learn to become very knowledgeable in the field. In particular, try to learn all about how to tell the difference between a copy and an original.

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