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Antique Desks For Sale

There are many different types of antique desks for sale. Different eras, and different countries, all have produced a large variety of furniture throughout the years, with different values today.

One type of antique desk is commonly called a rolltop. The rolltop desk was very common in the 19th century. These were produced in large quantities, with differing levels of quality, so they became very popular in homes and small offices. Because they were manufactured in great numbers, they are very popular today in antiquing and many individuals will seek out these when looking for antique desks for sale.

The distinguishing feature of antique rolltop desks for sale is a wooden tambour which can be rolled open or closed. The tambour is made of connected wood slats, fitted into circular rails or tracks at both sides of the desk. These tracks hold the tambour in place while it is raised or lowered. In a way, they might be considered similar to todays roll-up garage doors if one is trying to visualise them. Due to the design of the tambour, the rolltop desk could be mass-produced fairly easily.

When the rolltop is in the closed position, then the top is a curved wooden lattice surface, and the underneath has sets of shelves or drawers on both sides, with a space in the middle for the knees and feet of the person sitting at the desk. When the rolltop is open, the tambour is hidden from sight. The upper section then displays a flat workspace, with an array of small shelves, cubicles, and various compartments for storage at the rear.

Another common type within antique desks for sale is called a secretary desk. These are usually quite large, and quite heavy. There are usually three different sections in secretary desks. The bottom section consists of wide drawers and sometimes shelves with doors. The middle section is the workspace, a large hinged shelf. The top section is usually a style of bookcase enclosed by doors, which were often made of glass.

Secretary desks have a hinged desktop, which opens down to give a flat work surface. When closed, the work surface usually rests upright and inwards at an angle of about sixty degrees. The lower section of these desks usually consists of shelves and drawers, but unlike the rolltop desks, there is no gap for the person’s feet. This is because the workplace opens outwards, so the operator can still sit comfortably when using the desk. The upper section of these antique office desks for sale usually has a much larger range of shelves and cabinets, often reaching as high as the ceiling.

When opening the desktop area of the desk, the operator usually had to pull out two small wooden planks, or sliders, to support the weight of the desktop. However, some designs of secretary desk included a set of internal gears and pulleys so that the sliders would push out automatically when the desktop was opened. These would also pull back inwards automatically whenever the desk is closed.

With the secretary desk, the workspace has to be cleared of all items before closing it (or everything gets scattered), which is unlike the rolltop where the lid can just be rolled down over all materials. When open, the secretary desks reveal lots of small shelves and cubbies, for storage. These desks tend to have elaborate hidden compartments also. These desks are probably less attractive to those looking for antique desks for sale, mainly due to their size and weight, which makes transport quite difficult.

There are many other type of antique desks for sale. Some desks have very elaborate craftsmanship, with a beautiful appearance which makes them ideal as decorative furniture, while others are more plain and intended primarily for work purposes.

Even though models such as the secretary and rolltop desks were very common in the 19th century and the early 20th century, they gradually grew out of fashion in the workplace. The main problem was the size of the drawers and cubbies. Most of the various compartments were just too small to suit the increasing workload. Excessive time was wasted folding items, or searching through lots of drawers to find particular items.

Perhaps one of the most famous of antique desks is called the Resolute desk. This is a desk which was given by Queen Victoria to the president of the United States at that time, Rutherford B Hayes in 1880. The desk was built from the timber of the ship HMS Resolute, which was broken up in 1879. At the time, Queen Victoria asked for several desks to be built from the timbers. The Resolute desk featured in the film National Treasure 2: Book Of Secrets, along with another desk made from the HMS Resolute for the Queen herself.

It is interesting to compare antique desks for sale with the modern desks in typical offices today. In old days, desks were built completely from wood, and as a result they are very heavy, very large, and normally they cannot be taken apart. This makes them quite difficult to transport. The workspace is quite small when compared to modern desks.

The structure of desks now is completely different. In present times there needs to be ample space for a telephone, a keyboard, a mouse, a monitor, maybe a computer, and all the cables associated with each. Thus it is unfortunate that most antique desks for sale are unsuited for practical use in modern times. But the beauty of the furniture truly adds a touch of elegance to any room.

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