Antique Mirrors For Sale – How To Find Antique Mirrors For Sale

Antique Mirrors For Sale

Antique Mirrors For Sale

Here are some tips and advice on how to find antique mirrors for sale. The addition of a mirror to any room can have a striking improvement, due to the decoration and also due to the extra illumination as a result. For all those who are thinking of buying one, perhaps its best to decide beforehand what type of mirror you want. There are large antique mirrors for sale intended for wall hanging, as well as upright mirrors supported by a stand.

For the regular mirrors, the shapes are usually round, oval, or rectangular. There are also smaller ones such as antique hand mirrors for sale where the shape can be anything. The frames and stands are often the most striking part of any mirror, and some of them are very elaborate and decorative.

Mirrors are mentioned in all literature throughout the ages, clearly showing that we humans are definitely a vain bunch. The earliest mirror was a simple pool of water in the ground. Here is a brief history of the mirror. The ancient mirrors were nothing like the mirrors that we know today. The earliest mirrors were made from pieces of volcanic rock called obsidian. In BC times, mirrors were made from shiny metals such as copper, tin, and bronze. Glass was later introduced using different methods.

The dates are uncertain, but it was not until the 17th century that the first glass mirrors began to be manufactured in Venice, Italy. These used a mercury backing at that time. Then the technology spread to the rest of the word apparently due to industrial espionage. Soon mirrors were being made worldwide, and prices of antique mirrors for sale began to drop so as to make them affordable to the general public. Silver was next introduced as the backing metal, and later aluminium. Silver and aluminium are still the most common backing materials used today.

If you are looking for antique mirrors for sale, then there are a few different options available to you. The first call would be to your local antique dealer. Now if you are an antiquing enthusiast, then you might skip past this step, as many enthusiasts prefer to do all their own antique hunting. Nevertheless it is always possible to find bargains, even in dealer shops. Buying direct from a reputable antique dealer has a few pros and cons. Among the advantages are that you will be assured of obtaining a good quality, genuine antique. On the other hand, the price that you pay will often be a bit high, as the dealer has to charge extra to make a profit.

The next places to search for antiques are local markets. Check all your local newspapers, and take note of every classified about house sales, estate auctions, flea markets, car boot sales, garage sales, and any other ones that might be listed. Why not check the same for your nearest neighbouring towns also. Then visit as many places as you can.

When hunting for antique mirrors for sale in these markets, the best advice is to go early, and bring enough cash with you. Genuine antique mirrors are usually beautiful works of furniture, and will not last long before being sold.

You will always have to be cautious when purchasing in markets such as garage sales. You are no longer dealing with a professional and licensed antique dealer, and now much of the work of deciding if you have found a genuine antique will be totally up to you. Your background knowledge of antique mirrors for sale will become essential now. Wherever possible, have a thorough chat with the seller, and find out everything that he or she knows about the mirror. Ask as many questions as you can think of. Look for any documents that go along with it, such as old receipts or anything else.

Unless you have lots of experience, it is highly recommended that you buy a good reference book on the subject, one that you can carry around with you whenever you are in a mood for shopping for antique mirrors for sale. The Amazon website always has an excellent selection of books online, if you are unable to find one in the shops in your locality.

If you find yourself in the situation that you just do not know for sure if the item is an antique or not, then you have to decide on the spot based on your budget and often your gut feeling. Try to examine the mirror front and back carefully, there may be manufacturer marks on the frame that will help to identify it. Generally speaking there is an obvious visual difference between antique glass and modern glass, which you will get to know by experience. There is always the danger that the item is a reproduction, and will have little value. Often, when in doubt, there is no correct answer other than if it looks like a lovely mirror that you think just may be an antique, then go ahead and buy it.

A final word of advice, before you part with your cash, always try to negotiate the price with the seller. Very often you will be able to buy the item for less, maybe much less if you are an experienced barterer. This act (even art!) of bargaining for a better price is considered standard practice these days. Practically everyone expects it to happen, nearly all over the world the buyers love it, and the sellers hate it.

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