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Antiquing Information

One of the most important pieces of information that I want to tell you about antiquing is, it is fun. Yes, it really is lots of fun. Sure there are frustrating times as there are with any hobby or pursuit, but overall these are far outnumbered by the good times. Here are my top two overall highlights.

Highlight number one – the moment when you stumble across a ‘find’. You find a genuine antique in a most unexpected situation. Suddenly you find your self getting all excited and asking yourself things like “hold on, could this possibly be …”. No matter whether it is very valuable or not, that moment always brings its own rush.

Highlight number two – chatting with friends and colleagues about your antiquing endeavours. Being able to share your own personal thoughts and exploits, as well as listening to those of others, well that’s another joy in itself.

Antique hunting is a rewarding and fun activity for amateurs and professionals alike. People get involved in antiquing for various reasons, and it soon becomes an irresistible passion to most. Some do it for pleasure, and some do it for investment and profit, but normally, people tend to do it for both reasons combined.

Anything that is over one hundred years old can be considered an antique, but there is usually an associated craft or skill involved. There must be a certain design or attention to craftsmanship for items to achieve value and be considered true antiques. So do not get carried away about all old items, as junk that is one hundred years old is probably still just worthless junk.

For many collectors, it begins with the acquisition of a single antique item, perhaps a gift from a friend, even a wedding present for a newly wed couple. This often is enough to ignite the spark. They try to find out more about this new object, and find themselves drawn to learn more about the subject, and of course to possess more of them.

Unfortunately, many people begin quite foolishly, and start buying items that are overpriced, or have little real value. But gradually, and naturally, they become more expert in their field. Then they become more determined to be better in future.

Antique collectors tend to have different reasons for their antiquing pursuits. Some have a passion for history, and try to gather anything relating to a particular era in time. They use their collection to help them understand everything about that time in the past, and possessing those items help them to feel connected to that time. They learn how objects were used, who used them, and why they were used. They also learn to marvel at the changes in technology between then and now.

Some collectors invest in antiques purely for profit. It can be treated as an investment business, or a buy-for-resale or dealer business, normally with excellent profits assured in either case. With genuine antiques, it is fair to say that their value increases every day. Obviously, expert knowledge about the chosen subject is required.

Other people collect just for the challenge. To them, antiquing is not just about buying. It’s about hours and hours digging for gold in garage sales, auctions, and thrift shops. Once the gold is found, then it’s the bartering and bargaining, and this has a special thrill all of its own. Later there is the joy of returning home and announcing “Honey – you won’t believe what I found earlier today etc.”.

The range of items that people collect is endless. The popular categories are household items such as china, books, pottery, even dolls and toys. Other items require a bit more room, such as furniture or cars. ‘Collectables’ of today may well be valuable antiques of tomorrow, so some people will collect just about anything. But try to be aware of the market, and realise that not everything will become valuable.

For anyone who is getting interested in starting a hobby in antiquing, probably the most important thing you will need is knowledge. I think this outweighs budget. Sure with an ample budget you can easily buy any items that you want, probably wherever you see them, but with knowledge you are much more able to acquire great bargains.

How to become more knowledgeable? Well, there are several ways. Most importantly, do not try to learn ‘all’ about antiquing at the start. The subject is far too broad. Instead try to focus on one particular type of object or range of objects and learn all that you can about them. Talk to others who are interested in antiques, you will find that people just love to talk about the subject. Perhaps buy a good reference book on the subject. If you are unable to find something suitable in your local bookstores, then the website and some other online bookstores usually stock a great range of titles.

Make sure to check your local library also, which is normally a great resource. Finally, you can find all sorts of information for free on the internet. The only drawback with using the internet will be that the information will be a bit more scattered, and will often require a bit of digging to find good content about your chosen subject.

Don’t forget that there are some tools that you will find very useful. Try to get a small magnifying glass, digital camera, and perhaps a black light. All of these items can be obtained reasonably small, pocket sized

The world of antiquing, either professionally or as a hobby, is a truly rewarding pastime, and can last a lifetime. Along your quest, may you meet lots of friendly and knowledgeable people (in the strangest places) to help and become lasting friends.

P.S. Remember I have a totally free antiquing email mini-course. You can read some of the benefits and highlights here Antiquing. Be sure to check it out and sign up for free.

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